Friday, May 29, 2009

Ten of the best - #10

What better way to start than with my all-time Top 10 games?

Now this hasn't been an easy task. In fact, even as I'm writing I'm debating whether to change the order.

In at 10 is a cult classic, and without doubt, one of the best sports games ever to grace my Amiga.

Sensible Soccer emerged in 1992 and was a huge hit , spending the next 15 years at the top of the gaming charts in its various incarnations.

Its charm was its simplicity.
The matches were ridiculously high-scoring affairs as stevec77's screengrab shows. An overhead view, much like that of Dino Dini's Kick Off from the late '80s, with a small pixelated, almost hexagonal, ball sticking like glue to your players' feet and a single button for heading, shooting and tackling.

Scouring the global transfer markets for a speedy player with enough ball control to run rings around the opposition kept me entertained for hours, as did the ability to customise your team or go on a cup run.

A fantastic game that deserves its place in my Top 10. Relive the magic through the video below from TBag198181.

Even all these years later it hasn't lost any of its appeal. Anyone fancying some nostalgia can pick it up for a few quid on Xbox Live Arcade. Timeless and thoroughly recommended!!!