Wednesday, March 24, 2010

3D comes to the small screen - Nintendo

People watching exciting 3D movie

Remember back in the day when 3D glasses were all the rage? The little foldable card versions with red and blue film lenses?

Back then, 3D was tipped for big things - and people were eager to experience this new technology despite looking like an idiot in the process. It wasn't long before the IMAX cinemas started popping up all over the place and movies were filmed using special 3D cameras to make everything appear uber-realistic.

In my eyes (no pun intended), the whole 3D thing was a bit of a damp squib. It's dropped under the radar in recent years and few people really seem to care much about it anymore. Although it had loads of potential, it seemed to drown in a sea of hyperbole and disappointment. My foldable glasses were consigned to the bottom of a drawer. And I must admit I wasn't too bothered.

But wait. Everything seems to be changing and exciting new avenues are opening up for the video games sector. The likes of Avatar and Alice in Wonderland recently hit the big screen and became huge moneymakers; the public lapped it up, having craved the full 3D experience for years. They visited the cinemas in their droves.

Sony has proudly declared 2010 the year that 3D enters the home, with its range of televisions, Blu-ray players - and importantly, its PS3 - to showcase the "nascent" technology. Special glasses will still leave you looking like a cretin, however.

But reports show that Nintendo is also getting in on the act... The Nintendo 3DS is, yup, you guessed it, a 3D version of its 125+million selling handheld console - and best of all, users won't have to wear dodgy-looking spectacles.

So far, there's scant information on pricing or launch date but all should be revealed at the E3 event later in June.

Quite whether the Nintendo faithful will be particularly happy that yet another version of the tiny console is going to hit the shelves remains to be seen - especially so soon after the launch of the larger-screened DSi XL (apparently 93% larger than the original DS!).

Let's just hope that the whole thing doesn't flop like Nintendo's previous efforts in the 3D market - anyone remember the Virtual Boy in 1995?

Your thoughts?


When I first read the press release yesterday I was so excited at the thought of having a handheld Nintendo 3DS I actually thought I would cry (tears of joy that is).

However, today I thought yeah that sounds great but as long as they get the technology right - then it will be amazing. If not it could be a total waste of time and money.

The only drawback is that we could be in line for 3D overload (films, TV, games). Oh and lets face it 3D without the need for glasses sounds mighty expensive to me.

In addition, every time I think of 3D I think of the 1980’s and that we have in some way gone back in time.

But, I have to admit it’s the first thing that has got me really interested since the whole 3D thing started making its big comeback.

Fingers crossed Nintendo do something superb – as so far they haven’t let me down yet.