Thursday, May 28, 2009

Review Policy

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Review policy:

Independent, objective and honest. That's Megabits in a nutshell. And accordingly, our reviews also adhere to these strict criteria.

Our team of reviewers will endeavour to convert their thoughts into a literary masterpiece, providing insight into whether you should part with your hard earned cash or blow it on booze instead.

No matter what trinkets or bribes we're sent, we can't be influenced. Our judgements are final. Disagree with them? Let us know, and help to stimulate some good, honest debate.

Our reviews are based upon what we enjoy playing, not only looking at recent releases but the titles that intrigue or excite us as gamers. For that reason, no title is safe from being scrutinised. Our intention is to express whether we've enjoyed, or regretted, investing hours of our lives playing them. We’ll aim to pick apart the hyperbole and hysteria, but will be happy to shower worthy games with praise.

As such, we dispense with the tried and tested - and highly subjective - percentage scoring system. And there's none of that marks out of ten malarky either! Our ratings system is simple: Buy, Try, or Avoid.