Thursday, September 02, 2010

The 10 best GTA IV mods ever

It's a few years since Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto IV hit our screens - but that doesn't mean its appeal is waning. Part of the reason for its continued success is the support of the modding community who have conjured up all sorts of weird and wonderful ways to wring out every spare drop of gameplay in the PC version.

Here, Megabits takes a look at some of the best mods available for the epic sandbox title... we're particularly fond of the first person mode, which adds a completely new slant to the game and arguably makes you feel like you're really walking through a living, breathing city. The Force mod is pretty cool too - great for getting rid of those pesky cops after a killing spree, eh?

[UPDATED: see More Of The Best Ever GTA IV Mods]

First person mod:

Formula 1 mod:

Nuke mod:

Super weapons mod:

Bullet Time mod:

Plane mod:

Monster Truck mod:

BMX mod:

Devil mod:

The Force mod:


Some of these are genuinely awesome. I hate PC's for gaming but these mods made me a little jealous...

hate pc for gaming? ... noob

The force mod hasn't been released to the public - how can you call it one of the 10 best GTA 4 mods ever? It only exists as a youtube video. You haven't even played it. Now I want to play it, but I can't.

hate pcs for gaming? ally doig you're seriously retarded and cannot possibly be anything but a present and future loser. dumb... these mods were fucking dumb too.

I always get a HUGE kick out of those that say PC gaming sucks, or something of the sort. lol

Where in the hell would your console be without PC gaming? Hmmm?

Not to mention, PC gaming leaves the doors WIDE open to customizing, modding and changing things up. Why do you think people are still playing old games for PC that they got brand new when it came out? Modding! Sure, some folks play a game for 15 years because it's just that bad ass, others because they are stuck in the past and have no lives, others still play because the game can be modded, and because of that, they don't lose interest. Look at GTA:SA for example. That game still has devoted players after all these years.

Without PC gaming, console gaming would STILL suck as bad as it used to. Then get this: You can play almost everything released for almost any console on the PC! *GASP!* Sure you can't play Wii games... But who the hell plays the Wii? Get a controller, plug it in to the PC, configure it, and play...

Just because you are computer illiterate, and have zero idea of how to do much more than check that email from your granny, and find a forum to complain about your lack of knowledge of REAL gaming in, doesn't mean your a loser... It just means that you will be schooled eventually.

Consider this PC Gaming 101.


Could you guys get anymore butthurt about ally doigs comment? Jesus. I prefer PC gaming btw.

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Actually, anon, you CAN play Wii games on a PC. Ever heard of Dolphin emulator? Runs them I'm HD at full speed too. A real Wii can't even do that.