Friday, October 22, 2010

Music for the 8-bit generation-The Icarus Kid

Ah, the 1980s - a decade epitomised by synthesiser music and 8-bit gaming! Happy times.

Megabits is pleased to say that it has been able to
once again experience both these fantastic creations thanks to the intriguingly-named Icarus Kid, who has recently launched his self-titled new album.

Dan Crowdus is the man behind the keyboard and the shades - and his new album manages to perfectly combine those much-missed electronic beats with the classic sounds of the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) - the great grandaddy of consoles.

And this being the 25th anniversary of the NES, we thought that Dan's new album was definitely worthy of a mention.

The chunky grey games console sold by the bucketload following its release in 1985 and spawned cult titles such as Super Mario Bros, Metroid and Zelda - all of which make an appearance on Dan's album.

It all makes for some pretty decent listening; the tempo is ubeat and cheery - bringing back many happy memories from that golden era of gaming.
A raft of old favourites are sampled such as Duck Hunt, Super Mario Bros, Legend of Zelda, Metroid and Bubble Bobble. Personal favourites include Albatross (featuring the sounds of Super Mario Bros 2 and Defender II) and the aptly-named Hammer, which includes music from Wrecking Crew - a 1985 classic (have a listen).

Visit the official site and buy the album after the jump - or visit Dan's page on Facebook.