Monday, November 15, 2010

Halo Reach - the end of an era

Remember where it all began... You’ve all seen the adverts. No doubt intended to remind you of the feeling you had when you first played Halo: Combat Evolved. Perhaps the most important FPS since Doom.

For some of us, it went deeper than that. We thought of the moments that defined a generation. The thing that separated you from the rest of the crowd. This was your game. Your experience. Your memory. The first time the Grunts ran away and regrouped. The first time you met ‘The Flood’. The first time you believed you were the ‘Master Chief’. The first time you forgot it was a still a game.

For me Halo was always a co-operative adventure. I have always faithfully followed the series with my elder brother. The two of us were always paired in combat. Saving the universe time and time again, from the tyranny of the Covenant, the terror of the Flood, and the total destruction the Halo rings themselves.

However for us it didn’t begin on Reach, it didn’t even begin with Halo: Combat Evolved...
It began in a crappy little Caravan park in Clacton-on-Sea.

When we were kids my mum and dad would drag us off every summer for a week or two in a relative's caravan. It was rubbish but we loved it. If the weather was nice we would go to the beach, have adventures in parks, or any of the other things people used to do before we had computers. If the weather was bad, we headed down to the arcades.

Once there we were in dreamland (at least until our money ran out). My brother and I were a team. We annoyed our older sister together, and we played Double Dragon together. The ultimate in co-op play, we became Billy and Jimmy Lee as we punched, kicked and clubbed our way through to Marian.

Halo: Combat Evolved brought us back to 1989 and we loved Bungie for it.

Since then they have released Halo2, Halo3, and Halo3:ODST. Each time we rushed out to buy it. Hoping to recreate the feeling of the caravan site. Each time we were disappointed.

Halo2 had a poor difficulty curve that took the fun out the campaign, Halo3 had poor level design for anything other than the online battle market. And ODST…I don’t even want to talk about ODST.

However with Reach, I think they have remembered....

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There’s no soul beneath the helmets-It’s always been the problem with the Halo games...

You sentimental (wannabe Master) Chief!