Sunday, January 02, 2011

30 Minute Playtest: Doritos Crash Course

It's not often you get something for nothing but the guys at Doritos have grasped the Christmas spirit and released Crash Course for our delectation. Unlike their previous efforts at Xbox gaming - the abysmal Dash for Destruction - this latest offering is actually pretty decent. And it's completely free! What more could you ask for??

Anyone familiar with TV gameshows such as Wipeout or It's A Knockout will soon be at home in this cartoony environment, which sees your beloved Xbox avatar traversing some increasingly tricky assault courses in the quickest time possible. Along the way you'll encounter swinging hammers, conveyor belts, paint guns, trampolines and the like.

Harking back to the glorious 8-Bit days, the controls are kept nice and simple with buttons assigned to jumping and sprinting. The first level proves a good training ground to learn about timing and when best to slide, jump and sprint but the remaining 14 courses will have your tearing your hair out as you try to shave seconds off your time. What's more, you can compete online against your friends and see who comes out on top! Get stuck at a certain section and you can "chicken out" to the next segment - a great way to learn the course although you'll lose your time for that playthrough.

Had this been a few hundred points to buy I'd have been tempted but seeing as it's free, this is definitely worth adding to your download list.

Verdict after 30 minutes... keep on running.


Absolutely brilliant concept it has my 2 children in hysterics

Those Japan levels are tough though... Gold medaled USA and Europe, can barley finsh the Japan ones...