Monday, December 06, 2010

Panorama: Addicted To Games airs on BBC

The ‘games addiction’ debate goes primetime for British audiences tonight. The BBC’s Panorama series tackles the issue, which at the very least is sure to get gamers and industry insiders debating the issue. Of course, many of us have been quick to rubbish the program; with outside media sources often discrediting the medium with woefully misinformed opinions and a reliance on sensationalist storylines.

With Raphael Rowe of Panorama claiming in an article on the BBC website that there are "invisible psychological devices in video games which keep players wanting more", maybe we can be excused for approaching the program with a degree of scepticism.

Panorama: Addicted To Games airs at 20:30GMT in the UK, but can subsequently be watched at any time on BBC iPlayer. Let us know what you make of the program and we’d welcome any opinions on the issue.