Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Gamerscore Challenge: The first grand.

So, this year’s Gamerscore Challenge has been running for a fortnight. I wasn’t really expecting to have to do an update just yet, but the start of the challenge appears to have coincided with the fastest accumulation of points in my gaming history (unless you count the happy hour or so I spent on Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom shortly after discovering the ‘Jimbo’ poke).

Now, you could say that this high scoring fortnight vindicates my theory that it’s better to finish a lot of games for their superficial, surface Gamerscore than it is to drill down into one game chasing after the full 1000. Or you could argue that I received a rather lucky boost thanks to the 200GS available in Harms Way. Whatever way you cut it, my score has risen by 1115GS in fourteen days.

I had some games already under way, but purely in terms of points accumulated since the GS Challenge started, it breaks down this way:

Crash Course: 10GS

Harms Way: 200GS

Call of Duty Black Ops: 350GS

Split/Second Velocity: 490GS

Alan Wake: 75GS

Of course, it’s deeply unlikely there will be another bonanza fortnight like this. Frankly, not many games dish out 200 points in an hour like Harms Way, or strike that particular balance of irritation and compulsion that means you can’t stop playing Call of Duty, but do feel obliged to rush through it to put an end to the dumbness. Things will no doubt slow down now, but it’s nice to get off to a flying start, given that I had my doubts that 7691 in five months was possible for me.

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