Thursday, January 20, 2011

Gamerscore Challenge: first update

I have unfortunately failed to be as prolific as Ibwib this past fortnight (blame that on recently acquiring the legendary Demon's Souls on PS3), but I've made a semi-decent amount of headway. I've moved from 23,620 to 24,410 meaning that I've raked in fairly respectable 790G.

Since the proverbial gauntlet was laid down, my score can roughly be attributed to the following: around a further 400G added to AC Brotherhood, a ridiculously cheap 200G on freebie Harms Way, a further 90G from sombre indie platformer Limbo that I missed the first time around, and perhaps the pertinent thorn in the side of my personal quest - 100G so far from Oblivion.

Now I'm aware that Oblivion is not exactly a veritable goldmine of quick and easy achievements, but I've set myself a side challenge of getting the full gamerscore for it (DLC included) before the epic looking Skyrim blesses us with its presence.

In summary, I've had the most fun with AC Brotherhood, although I'll probably leave that for the time being at 770G (I think?, I may be mistaken) as I'm not really the sort of gamer that will spend hours scouring the world for flags that will give me a measly 20G boost.

By far the easiest 200G I'll ever earn was in Harms Way. A) the game is free, and B) it took me literally half an hour to get the full score. In the next couple of weeks I'll be relying on Dead Space 2 and perhaps a couple of second hand titles to reinvigorate my charge to the set goal.

Happy hunting to my fellow competitors...


That's quite the score to rake in when you've got the distraction of Oblivion. As you say, it doesn't exactly rain points down on you, and it takes a loooong time to play. Well and truly worth it though, such an enjoyable and atmospheric game to explore. I really must get off my lazy behind and finish it some time.

I'm going to post my update soon... think I'm just behind you Ibwib at the 1000G mark... but I'm banking on you getting hopelessly addicted to Fallout New Vegas and Ally's Demon Souls playthrough distracting him. The race is on...

If you both have PS3's and have time and patience to invest, I'd really recommend Demon's Souls (this isn't some diversion tactic from the GS challenge by the way!), one of the most atmospheric, addictive and downright brutal games I've played in years. Absolutely love it.