Thursday, January 20, 2011

HMV retails 3DS at £229.99

After the big 3DS reveal in Amsterdam and New York yesterday, HMV have become one of the first retailers back in blighty to officially put the handheld up for pre-order. And yes, it's rather expensive...

At £230 it's hardly a snip, and those hoping to get their hands on it come release day (the 25th March) had better get saving quickly. However, there's no doubting how impressive the 3DS looks from what we've seen so far, and the huge potential it has to revolutionize gaming on the move.

Only time will tell if it justifies the seemingly steep price tag. Here's hoping it will.


Hell's teeth! And to think I said the PS3 was overpriced. There's still talk that they might put an age limit on this as well-apparently lenticular 3D can damage developing eyeballs.

Still, what's a few exploding eyeballs as long as you don't have to wear those daft goggles?

The pre-order offers are coming in thick and fast now... think the 3DS will be very hard to come by in March. Was just sent an email from Argos offering £60 of vouchers and a free accessory kit if I preorder

Yeah I mean this is obviously just one retailer and there's sure to be a price war. Saw one place that ahd chopped it down to £194.99. Still i think I'll be waiting a bit for this one...