Tuesday, January 04, 2011

The Megabit’s 2011 Gamerscore Challenge

This time last year Bojeeva, inspired by Stallion83’s epic quest to reach a Gamerscore of one million, set himself the task of reaching a rather more realistic 20,000. His deadline was the 31st of May and his starting score was 12,309. Sadly, his final score fell rather short of 20,000, coming in at 18,439, but you have to give him credit: he didn’t take advantage of the Just Cause glitch. Nor did he play Avatar: The Last Airbender or King Kong or any of those other cruddy little games that give you a cheap shot of dirty points.

Inspired by his efforts, I’m setting myself the same target for this year. I’m pretty close to 20K already, so rather than heading for the same final score that Bojeeva went for last year, I will instead be aiming to accumulate the same amount of points as he was chasing: 7691.

So, that’s a little less than 8000 points in five months, without taking any of the notorious cheap shots. It doesn’t sound like much, but I can already see the stumbling blocks. Not least of which is my love of huge open world games like Fallout, Oblivion and Grand Theft Auto, games that can soak up dozens upon dozens of hours without doling out any more points than a six or seven hour rush through an FPS. On top of that, I simply don’t have Bojeeva’s ability to sit and play for hours at a time. Seriously, the man’s eyes are made of asbestos and he bathes his thumbs in the blood of sacrificial goats each morning. On the other hand, I shan’t fall prey to his penchant for devoting hours on end to feather/orb/pigeon hunts that pay 25 or 30GS when there’s ten times that to be had from the natural playthrough points of a new game.

We’ll just have to see how it all works out. I’m on 18375 right now. I need to hit 26066 by the 31st of May. Put another way, I need to get more gamerscore in five months than I got in the first year of owning an Xbox. I better hide the Wii and delete my Steam account. Wish me luck, and feel free to join me.


You have my best wishes with this epic Lord Of The Rings-esque quest. I'm really wanting to get mine up to 30K, but the temptation to buy some truly rubbish second hand boosting games may well be too much to refuse.

I'm after my 30K too...

Current gamerscore: 22789
+ 7691 by the end of May

My target: 30480! BRING IT ON!!!

Anyone else?

I'll get back with my exact calculations soon, but I'm well up for this. I can also imagine the score whores with 50-200 plus k laughing at our patheticness...Anyway, for us mere mortals bring it on!

Ha ha, we're not shooting for a million GS, that's for sure. Still, we all have our gaming divided across multiple platforms, not to mention having plenty of non-gaming calls on our time, I think we've set ourselves a more challenging target than the one-box score whores would admit.

Anyways, nice to have you both on board. Race you to May!

Current score - 23,620

target - 31,311