Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Xbox 360 is not a games console - it's official

Certain to get the old fanboys' tongues wagging on either side of the Xbox/PS3 divide, good old Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has revealed that he no longer considers the 360 a games console... it's a family entertainment centre instead!

Granted, Microsoft's little bundle of joy has seen many features added in the past few years to take the machine beyond gaming - from social networking with Facebook and Twitter, to the inclusion of Sky content, Zune, Last FM... and so on. And there's the ability to connect it to your home network, share photos, stream music... but in my home it's still firmly regarded as a gaming machine. I'm no fanboy but I'd argue that my PS3 is far more of an entertainment centre - it's got the web browser, Lovefilm, BBC iPlayer, Spotify and the ability to connect to your home PC. And what about the Blu-Ray player too?!

The debate will no doubt rage on - but personally, my 360 is used far more for gaming than Sony's black box, which I consider more of an overall entertainment system... your thoughts?


My god Harms Way was the easiest 200 points I've ever seen, literally took about half an hour. 30 points just for shooting someone? I'll take that thyank you very much...

oops I posted this on the wrong thing (it's slightly more relevant regarding the gamerscore post) :-|