Friday, February 25, 2011

Megabits of news: weekly roundup

Megabits of Gaming trawls the web for the tastiest morsels of news, so you don't have to...

Kinect kit unleashed
The success of Kinect and the impressive number of hacks that have already emerged has seen Microsoft announce the release of a software development tool. The BBC says this will allow developers to tap into the hardware and take the technology beyond gaming.

Gears of War 3 release date revealed
The next installment of Gears of War is due to hit our screens on 20 September! Besides the campaign, there will be a four-player co-op mode and five on five multiplayer. adds: "Developer Epic Games is also adding a new Beast mode, in which you control the Locust Hordes as they attack a human outpost – an inversion of the series' excellent Horde mode."

Command & Conquer to return?
Rock, Paper, Shotgun has revealed that EA is planning a reboot of its Command & Conquer series. Looks like the new game is destined for the PC.

Child Of Eden videos emerge
CVG has shown off five gameplay videos of upcoming Kinect title Child Of Eden from Tetsuya Mizuguchi who was behind the classic Rez. Lots of shooting, plenty of colourful explosions and thumping music suggest this is going to be great a great addition for the motion controller.

New gaming TV channel coming soon
Are you a UK gamer who misses the days of TV video game shows like GamesMaster and Bad Influence? Well, MCV says fear not - a new games channel is launching in March!