Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Gamerscore Challenge: Update

Another month down and the Megabits Gamerscore Challenge is gathering pace. Ibwib has already posted his update - and here are the remaining scores from the other contestants. Remarkably, we all racked up over 2000G in February!!!

Ally Doig

Previous score - 24,885G

New score - 27, 225G
Points gained - 2,350G

Ok, let me get this out of the way - I boosted. I bought a game that I knew I wasn't going to enjoy and plundered it for easy points. I'm very sorry...actually, not that sorry at all.

Having secured a easy 1000G from Fight Night Round 3 after getting the core achievements from Dead Space 2 (510G), I thought that I should restore some manhood and self respect. I decided to give Darksiders a go on the hardest setting ('Apocalyptic' - that makes me sound awesome) and successfully beat it. That equated to a rather meaty 755 G.

I've just started Just Cause 2 (95G so far), although the game is so damn big it's really stingy with the points - perhaps my just desserts after the Fight Night debacle. I've also got a few basic achievements for Marvel vs Capcom 3 although I'm actually useless at it, so whether I'll try to scrape a few more points out of it is debatable.

Being pretty much broke at the moment I don't have the money to go out and buy a load of new games, so my next push for points will most likely be replaying some old titles, or picking up a couple more second hand 'classics'.


Previous score - 24,379G
New score - 26,444G
Points gained - 2,065

The banter between Ally and myself has been flowing this past month as we both faltered and opted for some points that barely deserve to be called Achievements... Nevertheless, I must admit that I'm actually enjoying ploughing my way towards 1000G in NBA 2K6 - and am pretty surprised by how similar it is to the updated editions. It's blessed me with 300G so far...

The biggest haul this past month (800G) came from Vanquish - one of the best and most enjoyable games I've played in some time - a classic shooter with big ass robots and loads of guns. Quad racer nail'd provided some more thrills and spills and another 290G were accumlated through winning my final few races.

The remaining points were gathered from a smattering of games, old and new - including: Marvel vs Capcom 3 (140G), Kameo (160G), Just Cause 2 (70G) and Game Party in Motion for Kinect (130G).

All in all, a pretty good month. Time will tell how March, with all its work-related commitments, will turn out - but Bulletstorm and Enslaved are on my "to play" pile...


Easy points from Fight Night 3? Wasn't easy for me, at least not until someone told me how to cheat. Anyway, does it count as boosting if you actually like boxing? Who knows.

Anyway, you're both right that Just Cause 2 is not the game to be playing in the midst of a Gamerscore challenge, but I'm still really jealous, its a cracking good game, I'd love to be able to play it for the first time again.

Fight Night is hard if you don't cheat. I got to about 5 or 6 hundred g and it was just taking so long I decided to take the easy option. Just Cause 2 I'm yet to be taken in by, I'll definitely give it more of a chance though. Just got Bulletstorm too...