Thursday, April 21, 2011

Classics that MUST be remade for Move

We’re not fanboys here at Megabits (although many of us do have our preferences) and we’re all too aware that Microsoft’s Kinect has been getting more of its fair share of coverage lately. So for fear of sounding overwhelmingly biased, on this occasion we’re turning our attention to Sony’s Move. Critics may argue that it’s simply an updated version of the Wiimote and brings little innovation to the party. Some go as far as suggesting that the little black wand with its accompanying colour-changing orb would give a certain feminine pleasure product some serious competition. But not us. Megabits has spent some time playing with the aforementioned device (Move, not a Rampant Rabbit) and is pretty impressed by what it’s seen.

Certainly, Move is a fantastic looking bit of kit – sleek, well manufactured, comfortable to hold and, most importantly, it does exactly what it’s meant to; clearly, it’s the most accurate and effective motion controller on the market today. It also integrates fairly well with the system overall and Sony has already updated previously released games to make them compatible.
Sadly, that doesn’t mean it necessarily captures the imagination and will be a success. Where’s the real innovation Sony? Where’s the must have factor? Nintendo brought something incredibly similar to the shelves years ago…

As a discerning gamer, I want my new gadgetry to make me sit back in wonderment and ensure I’m first in the queue to get my hands on it. At least Kinect – its flaws aside – offers something different and new!
The cost of Move is pretty restrictive too. Although Sony fanboys argue that it’s cheaper than Kinect, the fact you have to purchase multiple wands and the accompanying controller for several players to join in the fun quickly empties your wallet. Not only that, but there are only a few games right now that are really worth having.

We’ve already considered which games from yesteryear would best make use of Kinect’s technology so we’ve donned our thinking caps once again and come up with several titles that would be ideal with Move functionality.

Arcade Pool
A favourite from Team 17 and responsible for countless lost hours. Big, bold graphics, addictive gameplay and loads of rules and game modes made this an absolute classic… but imagine being able to use the Move wand as a virtual cue. Its accuracy would work perfectly and you could adjust your stance and posture just as if you were holding the real thing in some smoky, dimly-lit pool hall.


The classic 1980s movie made an appearance on our consoles not too long ago but wouldn’t it be cool if they re-released this classic 8-bit title that could incorporate Move motion control? You could roam the haunted hallways actually holding your proton gun, wave it around the place and capture the ghouls – just don’t cross the beams!!!

Operation Wolf

You can keep your Time Crisis… Operation Wolf and it’s follow up Operation Thunderbolt deserve a remake. As a soldier armed to the back teeth, progress past an onslaught of guntoting bad guys, but this time actually aiming accurately.

EA Ice Hockey

Although the latest games are fantastic , it was those halcyon days of the SEGA Megadrive that saw this series peak. If the EA Ice Hockey of years gone by could be combined with the souped-up graphics and effects of today, I’d be a happy man. But why couldn’t EA throw in an option to hold the Move like a hockey stick and finally get some of that close stick control we’ve all been craving. Imagine one on ones and the Face Off – every swish of the wand taking chunks out of your opponents’ legs. Brilliant.

Soul Blade (aka Soul Edge)
Way back in 1995 Namco released this cracking alternative to Tekken and Virtua Fighter - a 3D beat 'em up with swords, scantily-clad female warriors and some seriously cool arenas. What about a Move update, eh? Hold your wand as you would a massive sword and swing it about the room trying to chop your opponents into submission.

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
Even now it looks fantastic and gamers still love it. There's also loads of time before Skyrim makes an appearance so what about some kind of patch or update to make Oblivion Move compatible? Imagine actually waving your magic wand or big-bladed sword about the place...

Afterburner II
An absolute classic on the computers and consoles of old - but what if you could use your Move controller instead of one of those expensive arcade flight sticks? Accurate movement allowing your to pitch and roll about the skies... bring it on!

Empire Total War

Perhaps with accuracy of Sony's Move, PC strategy games that are heavily reliant on mouse controls and intricate movement could now be ported over successfully? Who wouldn't love a bit of Total War on their console?