Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Gamerscore update

Previous score - 27225G

Current score - 29155G

Points gained - 1930G

I've fallen just shy of the 2000G gained mark this month, but unlike my shameful Fight Night Round 3 antics of previous updates, this time I've put in some pretty decent shifts on relatively few games.

I button bashed my way to a further 300G from Marvel vs Capcom 3 before trading it in for Bulletstorm from which I plundered a mighty 900G. I only needed another four achievements to fully complete it, but I'd plowed more hours into it that week than was healthy for a normal human being. There's only so much of kicking people into cacti and shooting their nether regions that one man can take. I absolutely loved Bulletstorm, but genuinely felt that after the week or so of solid play I'd invested in it, that I could truly take no more (check out our review after the jump).

Being a little hard up right now, I then traded in Bulletstorm for Homefront (whilst grinding out a few more points from Oblivion's Fighter's Guild and Dark Brotherhood quests in between). As predominantly disappointing as Homefront was, the single player campaign was fairly easy to mine a few G from. I mopped up all the solo awards across the course of the week, and not being one to break tradition, yep, you guessed it, traded it in.

So it's yet another FPS - this time, Crysis 2. I've been busy towards the end of March and into April with uni about to draw to a close, so as such I really haven't had much of a chance to play it. So far I've extracted a pretty measly 150G from Crysis 2 but for the most part I'm really enjoying it.

I'm excruciatingly close to the 30,000G milestone, but as I mentioned, assignments unfortunately have to take priority over achievement hunting. This may not bode well for the gamerscore challenge deadline in May, but here's hoping I can squeeze in a few decent sessions this month and keep up the pressure on my fellow competitors!