Sunday, April 10, 2011

Megabits of news: weekly roundup

Megabits of Gaming trawls the web for the tastiest morsels of news, so you don't have to...

The 3DS headache claims
There have been plenty of sensationalist stories over the course of the past week in The Sun newspaper that Nintendo's newly-launched 3DS handheld is leaving gamers feeling sick and dizzy.

The C64 makes a comeback

Commodore's cult C64 home computer is making a welcome return - almost three decades after the original took the market by storm! This time the beige computer is packed full of Windows 7 goodness but it will also include an emulator so you can replay all those gaming classics. There's more info on the BBC website after the jump.

European console users top 150m Data from IDG and GameStop (via MCV) shows that there are a massive 153m console users in Europe - 114m of them are current gen consoles! The Nintendo Wii leads the way, totalling almost the same as Xbox 360 and PS3 users combined.

Several games cancelled, including The Agency

Sony Online Entertainment closes some studios, which means the that the much anticipated spy shooter MMO, The Agency, will no longer be released, according to the Guardian Games Blog.