Monday, April 04, 2011

Megabits' pick of Kinect hacks

Who'd have thought it? Since Kinect - Microsoft's record-selling motion controller - made its debut a couple of months ago, seemingly everyone has been trying to hack the hardware and show exactly what it's capable of. It's even being used to control Sony's PS3 (kind of) - thanks to the efforts of Shantanu Goel.

Here, Megabits of Gaming takes a look at 10 of our favourite Kinect hacks. The more cynical among you will suggest that someone is holding a conventional controller somewhere outside of camerashot for some of these - and who knows? But why not just accept they're all genuine and these are truly amazing examples of what the future holds...

(We suggested Black & White would work perfectly in this article a few weeks ago, and raised our doubts about whether the likes of Call of Duty were even feasible in this post - but of all of these, Superman looks absolutely fantastic and is our top pick!)

Kinect on the PS3

Call of Duty


Super Mario Bros

Star Wars light saber

Black & White

Puppet master

World of Warcraft

Robot control

Super hero - Ultra Seven


Hi Bojeeva, Hi everyone,

There are Kinect hacks not specifically designed for gaming as we're used to imagine it but demonstrating fairly well how flexible the tool is.

Silhouette by Bence Samu

Swap Buffer by Benjamin Petit and Antoine Vanel

and last but not least

Don't run! We are your friends!

Not mentionning Google April Fools