Monday, April 18, 2011

TV gameshows ideal for Kinect/Move

Motion control seems to be here to stay - and frankly, some of the current titles for Microsoft's Kinect and Sony's Move have been a little disappointing to say the least. That's why we at Megabits of Gaming have racked our brains to come up with a few suggestions based around TV gameshows - both old and new - that could be transferred onto our favourite consoles.

Some of those listed below are absolute classics - and may bring a tear of nostalgia to your eye. Some, however, were admittedly pretty dismal - but we think that they could prove to be pretty good fun if they were handled correctly and the more fun elements represented in a video game. From the ridiculous gesticulating and posing necessitated in Japanese classic Hole in the Wall to the creative mini-games of the Crystal Maze and The Cube, there might be some great ideas for a new Xbox or PS3 title enhanced by Kinect or Move.

For the more sporty amongst you, we've included a snooker and darts gameshow, for the lonely out there, what about a dating show? Our personal favourite, however, is Knightmare - an absolute classic from yesteryear but a concept that could lend itself particularly to Kinect.

Any others we've missed? Leave your suggestions below...

Hole in the Wall
Sure, there's a UK version but it's the Japanese contestants that seem to sum up the sheer madness of the gameshow. Contort yourself into all manner of shapes to fit through an approaching wall.

The Cube
Proving fairly popular in the UK, this primetime gameshow sees contestants entering a huge cube where they have to complete various challenges - all of which look incredibly easy but never are! What's more, you only get a few chances to complete the games... failure to do so and you lose all your winnings.

Many of us have played Doritos Crash Course on Xbox Live but we reckon a virtual version of Wipeout would be an absolute hit. Watch the video below from the US show. We're not exactly sure how this could be transferred to your console but hey, we're not the developers. If it could be done, it could be quite entertaining - and videos of all your failed attempts could be uploaded so everyone could have a laugh at your expense...

Krypton Factor
A classic show dating back to the 1980s that's been given several facelifts over the years. It's basically a group of people who compete in various games of agility, memory and mental awareness. It's pretty tricky at times but who knows, it could be Microsoft's next 1 vs 100?

An absolute classic that left many kids in the late eighties desperate to take part (I was one of them!). Don a helmet and enter a mysterious world full of elves, goblins and puzzles. There are traps to avoid, enemies to battle and dungeons to navigate.

Crystal Maze
A group of like-minded individuals get together and make there way through several themed zones, each full of games and challenges. Complete a task and accrue time for a final challenge that could see you win a big prize... or leave empty handed.

Motion control could be pretty well-suited for this. It's so much more than just throwing some darts - it combined the popular sport with an actual quiz show, peppered with questions, challenge rounds and a talking animated bull as co-host!

Family Fortunes
Gather your friends and family around your television and compete against another group of people desperate to test their general knowledge. Could be a good party game - you competing with the best from around the world?

Big Break
Not just a game of snooker but a series of timed challenges and trick shots could make this a great title for motion controllers. Potentially a fantastic online multiplayer game.

Blind Date
A dating game on a console? It could work? But an online dating game where you speak to other contestants around the globe, and respond with witty answers that show off your charm could be popular with some - and may even lead to some relationships being forged??? Mmmm, maybe not.


How about Takeshi's Castle - You could design actual courses for other players to run - using level design equipment just like on Little Big Planet - but less complicated!!!

Love the level design idea. Could also allow gamers to design the levels in Knightmare?? Would love to see that brought onto Kinect!

"Motion control seems to be here to stay"

Yeah, just overlook the fact that Nintendos next system is moving away from being a motion controlled system (though will allow backwards-compatibility with Revolution games).

Activision has already announced it is making a kinect wipeout game.

...and The Cube was announced since we wrote this article too!