Friday, May 13, 2011

Golden eras of gaming: Master System pt II

A few years ago IGN voted the Master System the 20th best video game system of all time. Sadly, the listing only totalled 25. Nevertheless, SEGA's Master System remains a firm favourite at Megabits.

Here's the second part of the rundown of our top 10 games. If you missed part one, check it out after the

5. Sonic the Hedgehog

After a successful stint on the console's bigger, badder cousin the Megadrive/Genesis, Sonic raced onto the screens of the lowly 8-bit machine and was a huge hit. It provided a different plot to the original and featured new levels. Loved by gamers and the critics it had all the spills and thrills but with slightly watered down graphics.

4. Choplifter

There wasn't much variety in Choplifter but like all great games it proved hugely addictive. Taking the controls of a badly-drawn helicopter and zooming along in search of POWs, this side scrolling shooter was great fun - but incredibly tricky.

3. Mickey Mouse Castle of Illusion

It may not look like much now graphics-wise but all those years ago this was really pushing the boundaries. The Disney favourite bounced onto our screens complete with trademark red shorts and was absolutely brilliant fun. It looked great, sounded fantastic and was a massively addictive platformer.

2. California Games

From the BMX to Half Pipe skateboarding, California Games looked the business. It was the surfing section that sticks most in my mind though with its cool music. Perform tricks at the top of the wave and make it to the end without wiping out to see what the judges thought of your skills.

1.Prince of Persia

Perhaps the greatest game ever to grace the Master System, Prince of Persia had it all. Great graphics and solid gameplay that demanded concentration and a perfect sense of timing. Swordfighting and jumping about had never been so much fun.

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