Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ten of the Best Console Commercials

No sooner do we run an article looking at some of the greatest games trailers of this generation (read it here) than we decide to take a trip down memory lane and revisit some of the best ever console commercials.

Atari Jaguar, PlayStation 3, C64, CD32... here are some of the adverts that were designed to make you rush down to the store and grab the latest must have gadget. They may look a little dated and watching them now, it's debatable whether any of them would have had the desired effect but they all have their own place in gaming history. They certainly don't make them like this anymore...

Atari Jaguar
The theme with all the Jaguar adverts was its raw (or roar!) power and the fact it boasted more under the hood than its rivals. This Alien vs Predator advert is one of my favourites but I wonder how many complaints it would get nowadays?

Microsoft Xbox 360
Now this one was banned - which was a real shame as it was an excellent commercial. It included a bit of everything: sex, nudity and death - and no doubt garnered plenty of complaints for those very reasons!

Sony PS3
Since the original PlayStation commercials, Sony has always delivered when it comes to advertising. This offering not only makes its flagship console look rather cool but it also showcases several of its greatest games.

Amiga CD32
Nothing says "this is the world's first 32-bit console" than clever looking scientist types wearing labcoats, a robot-alien hybrid and explosions! Amiga's ill-fated console failed to revive the company's fortunes but boasted some pretty decent games in its short life.

SEGA Dreamcast
This was a great advert that epitomised the must-have nature of SEGA's Dreamcast in 1999. What better way to show how desirable the new hardware is than to have some lovely lady try to steal one?

Atari Lynx
Bored at school? Take your ultra compact(!) handheld console to the toilet to have a secret play. Two points... 1) don't have the volume turned up while hiding, and 2) where in the hell does he plug the thing in (note the sudden appearance of a power cord as he gets down to business).

Sony PSP
Continuing the toilet theme started by the Atari Lynx advert above, Sony certainly cemented its reputation for creating great commercials with this one that combines its new handheld technology with some good old-fashioned toilet humour. Everyone wanted to get their hands on one - the PSP, obviously!

Nintendo Gameboy
It wasn't just spotty teenagers that could enjoy the Gameboy... even lawyers, managers and important suit-wearing adults could get into the fun between meetings and so forth. This was a new slant on the gaming commercial, which didn't just target youngsters. "You don't stop playing because you get old. But you could get old if you stop playing."

Windows 1.0
There are moments in everyone's life that they regret. Those occasions when you wonder what the hell you were thinking. Then again, Steve Bullmer has always been pretty enthusiastic. Here's an advert for Windows 1.0 - the computer that comes with a free clock and, can you believe it...Reversi!!!

Microsoft Kinect
You may not be a fan of motion control or the 360's Kinect but this commercial always raises a smile - largely because, just like real life, it makes everyone look like a complete idiot! Brilliant.