Sunday, May 01, 2011

Toughest Game On The Planet Is Impossible

Having always considered myself a fairly good gamer, able to take on the trickiest and most taxing of titles, I begrudgingly admit that I'm beaten. And by a game costing next to nothing. To be fair, it has been dubbed the hardest game ever though!

I'd heard a lot of banter about The Impossible Game and thought I'd give it a go, complete it with ease and head to this very site to puff out my chest and tell the world about my success. Unfortunately, it's certainly lived up to its name...truly impossible... and frustrating... and infuriating... but all the while retaining its mind-numbing addictiveness.

For those of you who haven't yet experienced this gaming delight, check out the video below that captures the emotions you'll soon be feeling after you pick up the controller. Further down the page is another video showing it's completion. You can try it yourself by downloading it through the Indie games section on Xbox Live.

WARNING: Video below contains questionable language and those of a nervous disposition should click away now. Many controllers were probably harmed during the filming of this video! ARGHHHHHHhhhhhhh.

And here's proof that it's not quite impossible...


Hell's teeth!

For addictive, complex but slightly less frustrating fun, may I suggest Spacechem?

@Katherine - Thanks for the suggestion. I'd never heard of it but just checked it out on You Tube... now THAT looks tough.