Wednesday, June 29, 2011

VIDEO: GTA IV revisited

Judging from our recent stats, there seems to be some renewed interest in Grant Theft Auto IV and the adventures of Niko Bellic lately... perhaps it's all that speculation about GTA V???

Nevertheless, Megabits always likes to give its cherished readers exactly what they want so we've uncovered a couple of awesome videos that should help to fill the hole until the inevitable sequel finally emerges.

We stumbled across this first one (thanks Kotaku), which showcases the graphical loveliness of GTA IV, and the way you get drawn into the city. Using a tilt shift technique, it makes the game look even more realistic with people going about their day to day business - completely unaware of the destruction and devastation Niko is leaving in his wake...

This next one's a little old now but as we love this montage and haven't featured it before, we hope you enjoy! Skip ahead to 4:20mins for some GTA bloopers, and 7:20mins to see some awesome stunts...

Now come on GTA V... where are you???