Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Megabits' Pick of the Best Gaming Demakes

Countless games get an overhaul every now and again - a remake that often promises improved graphics, more levels, some extra gameplay content or at least, makes use of the new technology available to the developers.

Well, there are plenty of fans out there who have wanted to do exactly the opposite, reimagining their favourite games on a classic console - often with a nod to the glorious 8-bit, 2D days when 1080p and hdmi cables were but a distant dream. Megabits of Gaming has therefore scoured this very internet and picked its 10 favourite demakes...

Left 4 Dead
Arguably one of the greatest co-op games ever - and a Megabits favourite - Left 4 Dead has been given the demake treatment and actually makes the transition pretty seamlessly. Just watch out for the Tank!

With the recent sequel definitely our tip for Game of the Year, we love how the premise of the game has been reworked. We also came across this pretty great playable Flash version, which should help to keep you occupied until Portal 3 makes an appearance (we hope!).

Fanboy favourite Halo has been lovingly recreated and the results are fantastic. Master Chief may have seen better days but there's still plenty of shooting to be done.

Final Fantasy VII
Many still claim Final Fantasy VII to be the best in the series - so there are plenty of you who would love to revisit the escapades of Cloud Strife...

Team Fortress 2
If Valve should be praised for anything, it's making co-op games thoroughly awesome. Here's Team Fortress 2 - now available to play free by the way - in all its demake glory!

Alan Wake
Survival horror fans loved Alan Wake and guiding him through the sleepy town of Bright Falls. Anyone else think that this demake with its basic graphics and sound make the whole thing seem a little creepier? A great nod to an overlooked game.

Mortal Kombat II
It's not that long ago that the series made a much-needed comeback, accompanied by its trademark blood, gore and finishing moves. If you didn't care for the new swanky graphics, check out this retro version of the 1993 classic, Mortal Kombat II.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2
Some remember it for the controversial airport level, others for the Juggernauts and Special Ops missions. Fans have made this tribute, which should remind us of what to look forward to until the next instalment later this year.

Silent Hill 2
Soundless Mountain 2 may not be as catchy a name as Konami's classic but this Silent Hill 2 demake is still strangely eerie.

Resident Evil
It's all about horror in this list, isn't it? Remember when the game burst onto our PlayStation screens in 1996 - or more specifically, when those zombie dogs burst through the windows in that big old house? Here's a blast from the past.