Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Heat-seeking moo-siles and cam-moo-flage

It's not so long until EA and Activision wheel out the big guns in the race for the Christmas number one slot. Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3 are going head to head to determine which is the biggest and best shooter - and what a fight it will be.

While games nowadays clearly use plenty of artistic license to keep us hooked, in most cases they're steeped in realism and ooze authenticity. But I wonder... how far will games go???

I ask because I recently came across a story on the BBC's website that said defence giant BAE Systems had developed Adaptiv technology, which means vehicles can adapt to the temperature of their surroundings and mimic objects. A tank out in a warzone, for example, could be made to look like a harmless cow or truck when seen through a light sensitive scope. This is cool in itself but the technology means that invisibility could be possible in the not too distant future too.

The camouflage consists of a series of panels made of a material that can change temperature. About 1,000 of them should cover a small tank, according to the BBC article.

"The panels are driven by on-board thermal cameras that constantly image the ambient temperature of the tank's surroundings. This is projected on to the panels to make it harder to spot. The cameras also work when the tank is moving."

There's surely still time before the launch of these two shooters to include a cow-based weapon?? If not, come on modders... make your favourite FPS a little more realistic. Think how cool it would be to get a huge killstreak using nothing but a cow!


This article is so dumb that since I already wasted time reading it, I will waste time taking crap about it.

Dude, seriously? COD is an arcade bro. There is nothing real there, but how guns look.

There are not many tanks that are as big as a cow, seriously. And anyway, in war, I doubt anyone would care about killing cows knowing this technology is available.


This was pretty funny. We learned something and it was about video games, keep up work like this, but maybe make them longer

Come on guys he's cracking a little joke don't be so critical

Crack jokes all you want, but don't put this on N4G with a brand new title baiting people to come look at it.

jesus, the panels make it invisible to thermal cameras not your eye. even if it did, why would you make a tank look like a cow if you can just make it invisible?

freaking stOpid article. cod doesnt even have tanks

Come on people, grow up. This is a light hearted article. There have been mods for games which do far weirder things, right? And this is a new technology that could conceivably be used by the armed forces... so why not feature it in a game!?

Wow it's pretty amazing to see how technology is being used. Back in the day they'd just paint it green if it's on the ground or white/blue if it's flying above.

Yes the title is misleading but I think it's used to good effect.
Admitttedly not sure about the cow weaponry lol :\