Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Kinect wins at Gadget Awards

Never has a peripheral split the gaming world as much Microsoft’s Kinect. The ambitious leap into the world of motion control has been divisive to say the least; the so-called hardcore hate it because they say it waters down their games and is opening up their beloved console to the casual market, while on the other hand it's encouraging the growth of an entirely new audience.

Judging by the astronomical sales figures since its launch and the plethora of games appearing in those little purple Kinect-dedicated boxes, Microsoft seems to have the right idea.
If you needed any more convincing, then this year’s T3 Gadget Awards 2011 should help.

Microsoft’s camera has fought off stiff competition from Sony’s PS3, Alienware’s M17x, Nintendo 3DS, Apple iPad 2 and Sony PlayStation Move to take the mantle as Gaming Gadget of the Year.

But that wasn’t all… it also swiped Gadget of the Year. No mean feat as the others on the shortlist were the Apple iPad 2, Motorola Atrix, Amazon Kindle, Samsung Galaxy SII, Virgin Media TiVo, HTC Incredible S, Nintendo 3DS and Apple iPhone 4, and Sony PlayStation Move.

With loads more games on the horizon (Forza 4, Kinect Sports Season 2, Star Wars Kinect...) , Kinect could well scoop plenty more accolades in the not too distant future...