Thursday, January 05, 2012

Top Ten With A Twist - 2012

Long term readers will know that myself and Ibwib have an ongoing bet each year where we each predict some of the top games that are scheduled and then use score aggregator Metacritic to see who has come out on top. Well, no sooner have the results for our top 2011 games been announced, than we have to rub our respective crystal balls and decide what our top tips are for the year ahead. Just for the record, I'd like to remind everyone (including Ibwib) that I was the victor in 2011 - thanks to the fact Mass Effect 3 didn't emerge! Anyways, it still counts as a victory and as reigning champion I'm going to kick the New Year off with my next selection.

The added "twist" this year is that the list will be extended from five to ten... just to give Ibwib a sporting chance if another of his titles is delayed (he can't use that as an excuse then, eh?).

There are so many great-looking games to choose from: the aforementioned Mass Effect 3, Metal Gear Solid: Rising, Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Bioshock Infinite to name but a few. But they don't even make my list of the most wanted... So without further delay - and in no particular order - here are my most anticipated games for 2012.

(10) Syndicate

The return of one of my favourite games of all time has to head this list - and while I'm hugely disappointed it departs from its traditional isometric viewpoint, it looks like it's going to resemble Deus Ex: Human Revolution - and that can only be a good thing!

(9) Dishonored
Bethesda is set to publish the intriguing-sounding Dishonored and it's certainly on my wanted list this year. This first person action game looks awesome from its early screenshots - thanks to the talents of Half-Life 2 art director Viktor Antonov. You take the role of a bodyguard of an Empress, framed for her murder and hellbent on revenge. You must become an assassin and traverse a gameworld where every choice you make has an effect.

(8) Minecraft
Already a massive hit on the PC, I'm intrigued by how this will play on the humble console. A construction game where anything is possible, this should get your creative juices flowing and bring some real open-ending gameplay. The upcoming 360 version is said to support Kinect. This could be phenomenal!

(7) Borderlands 2

Cel-shading goodness makes a welcome return in 2012. The original was immense with a huge gameworld, loads of shooting and driving missions, great powerups and character classes - and some of the best co-op action ever. The imminent sequel promises to better it in every way.

(6) Hitman Absolution
The Hitman games have always been tricky and I've rarely completed them... but the one thing that keeps making me want to come back is the sheer number of ways in which a mission can be completed. Sure, you can go in all guns blazing but more often than not you'll be shot down in no time. Anyway, it's nowhere near as satisfying as sneaking about, finding an entrance point, avoiding guards and pulling off a sublime assassination with no one even knowing anything was amiss. Can't wait.

(5) Max Payne 3
It may have seen its fair share of delays but it seems absolutely certain that the third installment of Max's escapades will be released very soon indeed. He's looking a little rough around the edges since his last outing in 2003, with a few more pounds around the waist and a little less hair. The original was the first game to use Bullet Time - so who would bet against Max Payne 3 introducing something equally innovative?

(4) Grand Theft Auto V
We at Megabits have been waxing lyrical about the GTA IV for ages. Some hated its slightly more serious tone and a lack of customisation options but we thought that Liberty City was a great world to get lost in. If the teaser trailer is anything to go by, the next in the series looks like it will fly off the shelves and certainly be a contender for Game Of The Year.

(3) Inversion
This third-person co-op shooter sounds both amazing and refreshing. To fully understand the gravity of this game (see what I did there?!), you'll have to get to grips with your unique Grappler weapon to manipulate objects and enemies as you take on the evil Lutadore. Gravity-controlling weapons? Yes please.

(2) Prototype 2
Absolutely loved the first game and I quickly forgave all its flaws. Darting about the city - both horizontally and vertically - was great fun and the free running element was well worked and effective. Gaining powerful abilities that allowed you to morph into people and turn your body into the ultimate killing machine was a great idea - and one that I'm looking forward to revisiting with the sequel.

(1) Anarchy Reigns
SEGA and Platinum Games are set to launch Anarchy Reigns - and I cannot wait. Having adored Vanquish, this promises to be equally over the top. This is an online beat em up featuring varied characters, weapons and powers, with devastating moves that leave the screen awash with colour... just as we've come to expect from this studio!


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