Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Achievements: Top 5 Games To Boost Your Score

It’s fair to say that we at Megabits are a bit sweet on achievements. You only have to check out our yearly battle to boost our Gamerscore to see how addicted we are to chasing points. But we’re not scorewhores-we won’t do it with any game just for the points. Look through our lists and you won’t find points from Avatar: The Last Airbender, or the Just Cause ambulance glitch. We want to earn points, and we want to earn them quickly, but we want to enjoy it while we do.

With that in mind, welcome to our list of the five best games for boosting your Gamerscore quickly and enjoyably. These aren’t necessarily the games that you’ll get 1000GS from, but they’re the games that give you a lot of points in a short space of time, games that are fun to play, and games that dish out a lot of points without demanding multiple playthroughs or lots of replays from save points. Our final caveat is that it mustn’t deform your natural gameplaying expectations-FPS games that dish out points for 200 melee kills, for example, need not apply.

1. Bioshock
It’s easy to list the reasons why Bioshock is a great game: the heavily customisable guns-and-powers combo combat, the awe inspiring environments, the richness of the world, and the sense that your story is simply a significant subplot in an epic story. Fore an achievement hunter, however, Bioshock is even better. There isn’t an ounce of fat on the game, so even a slow player can get through it around six hours, in which time you’ll pick up over 750 point. All you need to do is be thorough in your searches of each room, varied in the photos you take, and consistent in your actions-no harvesting little sisters one minute and saving them the next. Best of all, if you fancy a double hit, everything that we’ve said about Bioshock also applies to Bioshock 2, another game that will give you around 750 points from a single, speedy playthrough.

2. Fight Night Round 4
It’s fair to say that Fight Night 3 is perhaps the more generous game-simply completing it will give you the full 1000 GS-but Fight Night Round 4 is the more rewarding rewarder. You have to resign yourself straight away to the fact that the points on offer for beating online world champions need as much luck as skill, and can’t be relied upon, but beyond that Fight Night Round 4 has exactly the sort of achievements we like: generous scores for playing the game and polishing your skills. It doesn’t demand that you grind tedious tasks, or twist your gameplay into an unnatural shape. Win some quick fights, play through a successful career, and triumph in a few online matches and you’ll have picked up well over 840 points without noticing it.

3. X-Men Origins: Wolverine
Slash-em-ups are often generous with their points. It’s a trope of the genre that you’ll learn lots of ways to kill villains, be given lots of villains to kill, and be awarded points for killing them in lots of ways. It’s a self-fulfilling system, and X-Men: Origins is a great example of it. Ok, at least half its chapters are repetitive, and the final boss fight is tougher than seems strictly fair, but these minor quibbles don’t diminish the enjoyably frantic hack and slash action that rains a constant stream of points upon you just for playing, whilst dishing out the odd bonus for wandering off to find the game’s hidden jokes (you can find Portal’s Cake, Lost’s Hatch and a sideways mention of World of Warcraft if you stray off the game’s beaten path). Yet again, you’ll pick up over 800 points in just a few hours.

4. Harms Way
There were a few driving games that competed for a spot on this list: the dumb but short Nail’d, the explosive and the enjoyable Split/Second Velocity both dish out several hundred points after one quick and easy playthrough, but for real value for money points scoring, it’s hard to beat Harms Way-an XBLA freeby that dishes out all of its 200 points in under ten minutes whilst providing a short lived but intense burst of rally-driving and target-shooting action.

5. Dead Space 2
Either of the two Dead Space games could have gone on the list, as a single playthrough of either should net you over 700 points. Dead Space makes more points easily available, but does demand that you jump through some tiresome hoops to get them, whereas Dead Space 2 awards points for carrying out actions that are an intrinsic part of the game. Like dismembering howling beasties whilst squeaking in terror and recoiling from the screen.