Wednesday, February 15, 2012

JAM Live Music Arcade Coming Soon

Musicians and wannabe DJ’s rejoice! Your prayers may just have been answered in the shape of forthcoming music creation game JAM Live Music Arcade. Coming soon to Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network, JAM puts the power at your creative fingertips as you become DJ, producer and band leader.

When playing JAM you’ll take on the roles of lead guitarist, bassist, drummer, singer and synth player. The game aims to put the emphasis on creation, experimentation and exploration as opposed to high score chasing, so let those wild imaginings and unwritten songs roam free.

Chad Koehler, Vice President of Zivix LLC, the guys responsible for developing the game, said: “JAM Live Music Arcade builds upon years of our music experience and some of the successes we had with previous iterations of the JAM franchise, but takes it to an entirely new level allowing creative freedom and a closer connection to the music.

He added: “The world loves music, and this product provides immediate accessibility in a totally new way. If you’re looking to jam out, turn the living room in to a live show and experiment with a near-infinite bank of sounds, effects and rhythms, then this is the experience for you. If you’re interested in a more traditional follow-the-leader type of play, then we’ve included the Arcade Mode just for that purpose. With the great songs and artists we have and the wide variety refreshingly creative different play modes, JAM Live Music Arcade is the breath of fresh air the music gaming genre needs.”

The game comes with 30+ licensed tracks from such notable artists as Modest Mouse and Fatboy Slim and gives you the power to jam and remix all aspects of the song to create your very own masterpiece. All this power is wielded via the compatible guitar peripherals most of us have lying around or by using the standard controller (if you haven’t got one of them lying around your probably in the wrong place).

Features include:

  • Control and remix all aspects of the song – it’s an entire band in your hands
  • Players are rewarded for their sense of timing by getting into the flow of the music and beat
  • Features 32 tracks
  • Compatible with guitar peripherals
  • Arcade Mode incorporates more controller actions from an up-strum to the whammy bar
  • Dynamic visuals respond to your every move
  • User created content: Create a mix, replay or challenge it in Arcade Mode

It sounds promising and speaking as a huge fan of previous music mixing titles I’m curious to see how this one pans out. Certainly remixing current tracks doesn’t sound quite as appealing as creating a tune from scratch, but it’s good to see the genre is still breathing, even if those breaths may appear a tad shallow.

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