Friday, February 03, 2012

Megabits Of News: Weekly Roundup

Megabits of Gaming trawls the web for the tastiest morsels of news, so you don't have to...

The Force is still strong with this one
Since its release last December, Star Wars: The Old Republic has sold an impressive 2 million copies, the game’s producer EA has announced. The game has also attracted an encouraging 1.7m active subscribers, that’s a lot of Star Wars fans, but I guess there is a lot of galaxy to explore. Check out MCV for more details.

Soul Calibur set to test Assassin's Creed elite

Assassin's Creed hero Ezio will sharpen up his blades to make a cameo appearance as playable character in 3D fighter Soul Calibur V. Namco hopes this collaboration with Ubisoft will attract a larger fan base to its weapon battling franchise.

Waiting Payne is almost over
Those frustrated with delays stopping Max Payne 3 getting on our shelves can now have peace of mind as specific release dates have been announced. Max will be ready, angry and armed on Xbox 360 and PS3 on May 15, and on the PC on May 29.

Sony posts fall in Q3 net profit as sales tumble
Sony posted a net loss of around £1.3 billion for its third financial quarter ended 31 December 2011, compared with a profit £559 million in the same period a year ago, as sales fell 17% year on year to £15 billion. The group division which houses Sony's PlayStation reported that sales fell 24% to £8.3 billion.

Twisted Metal Europe release delayed

Bad news for Twisted Metal fans, says VG247. The game’s newest offering will be delayed into March in Europe. I have decided in the mean time to glue a leaf-blower to my car door and cause mass annoyance in the park!