Friday, February 03, 2012

10 Modern Warfare 3 Survival Tips & Video

We at Megabits of Gaming love nothing better than shooting stuff and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3's Survival Mode has stolen many hours of our time since launch. We've completed the campaign, conquered Special Ops and maxed all those achievements - but Survival keeps us coming back for more.

Here are our Top 10 Tips and a video that shows the best places to hold out against wave after wave of enemies.

Thanks to NeoSanchez75 in the making of this video!

  1. Don't be afraid to camp! This is the number one tip - despite what diehard shooters always say... You need to survive as long as possible afterall... The video shows the best places for every level!
  2. Pick up weapons and ammo - it's a quick, cheap and easy way to upgrade guns - at least until the good stuff becomes available.
  3. Stay close to the Ammo terminal. Guns can be easily replaced and Air Support isn't that essential... however, claymores, C4 and sentry guns are must haves.
  4. Find an area on the map with few entry points. This means you and a friend can keep yourselves covered. The enemies in Survival mode home in on you naturally so if you've found a good, secure location, then stay there - and wait for those scores to soar!
  5. Ensure you've got shelter from above. Those helicopters will make mincemeat of you if you're exposed. Check the video below for some good spots.
  6. Get yourself a sentry gun or two. Place them so they have a nice long line of sight - this gives them enough time to register the bad guys and send some shells in their direction. A good tip is to get a normal sentry and a grenade sentry - then one will stop the bad guys in the tracks while the other finishes them off.
  7. Claymores are your friend. At least in the early levels before the enemies are able to counter them. Place claymores at all the entry points you can't cover yourself - it gives you a few seconds warning if you're being flanked. Also, learn where the Juggernauts lands and then set as many claymores as you can around the area. They won't last long with that tactic.
  8. Juggernauts HATE C4! And it proves much more effective in the later waves than claymores do. Stock up and throw a few at the guy's feet, then run while detonating. BOOOOOM.
  9. Get a light machine gun. When you've settled and have the money stacking up, make sure you go and get a light machine gun... they make light work of any bad guys and have stacks of ammo.
  10. Riot squads are a must. Not only do they take out enemies but their shields offer great protection for you.

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