Friday, February 10, 2012

More Of The Best GTA IV Mods

It's staggering the amount of interest we've had since late 2010 when we published our pick of The 10 Best GTA IV Mods Ever! But it seems a lot of you out there are still keen to eek out as much enjoyment as possible from one of our favourite games of recent years - at least before the next instalment comes out.

So, in keeping with the old saying that you should give the audience what they want... we've pored over You Tube to bring you another 10 mods and tweaks that breath new life into Liberty City. Enjoy!

Enhanced graphics

Back To The Future

Heavy bus


Merry Christmas


Monster truck

Nightmare mode


T-Rex chase


Umm how in the world could you overlook the sickest mod of all IMO LCDPFR(first response)you should showcase this for your followers

LCPD** not LCDP my bad