Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Review: Storm in a Teacup

'Storm in a Teacup'? What's next? A game based around 'You reap what you sow'? Oh, they did that in 'Garden Simulator'...

Ok, well, puns aside, Storm in a Teacup is a decent, challenging, simple game which ideally suited to mobile formats, so its release on PC is something of a mystery to me.

The game's meagre plot revolves around Storm, a Cloud Strife-haired kid who loves to play with his model of himself in a teacup... and some 'evil clouds'. Somebody get this kid an Xbox.

When Storm goes to sleep his dreams come to life, and the gamer has to steer little Storm around in his magical teacup, picking up sugar lumps and keys, and avoiding the clouds, which hover malevolently around the map, up to no good.

The gameplay is simplicity itself. You move storm with the arrow keys, and tap space to jump. Tapping space repeatedly allows the spinky-haired one to hurl his magical crockery up high as he can, in order to reach the game's many hidey-holes and collect the lightning bolt symbols dotted around.

The levels start easy and get tricky pretty fast, but the quick respawning and generous checkpoints make it less of a chore.

That said, the music is very much a chore – it consists of one annoyingly cheery track played over and over until your head explodes, or you turn it off. Trust me, playing Storm in a Teacup with the Foo Fightters ripping it up in the background changes your outlook somewhat...

The graphics are solid, colourful and enjoyable to zip around, though a little more variation in level design would have been a wise investment.

*Reviewed on PC