Friday, February 17, 2012

Skyrim Modding Tools A Hit With PC Owners

A free tool that allows PC owners to create their own content for Bethesda’s awesome Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim saw a staggering 2 million mods downloaded in the three days after it launched. According to ZeniMax Media, the Creation Kit has seen gamers make over 2,500 mods via the Skryim Workshop already!

Skyrim was the unequivocal hit of 2011, winning countless awards and a legion of dedicated fans. Apparently, it was the second best selling game of 2011 revenue-wise. Within a month of the game launching last November, Bethesda said it had shipped over 10m units - equivalent to some $650m in sales.

Steam data shows that gamers are spending an average of 75 hours roaming the vast map. It's also apparently the fastest-selling title in Steam's history.

Megabits loved it too - check our Skyrim review here - and has even taken the time to offer some decent tips to make your adventures a little easier. Visit our guide after the jump.