Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Achievements: Point-less Gamerscore 2

Here's the second part of our pointless article on achievements - at least, in the sense that you get zero gamerscore often in exchange for loads of your time and effort.

See our pick of 10-6 after the jump.

5) Halo 3 -
Vidmaster Challenges
DLC is great, right? And free DLC is really great, right? True, but DLC that is tough as nails and gets you zero points? Not so sure, especially for the completionists out there. Our pick of the three infamous achievements is the Annual accolade - "After 9/25/08, complete Halo on 4-player Legendary LIVE co-op, with Iron, and everyone in Ghosts". Incredibly tough!

4) Guitar Hero III -
Refuse a boss battle

A reward for your cowardice. Dear oh dear. Alternatively, you may have just decided you've had enough for the night and wanted to shut down your machine. Either way, zero points is yours.

3) The Simpsons -

We loved The Simpsons and spent many an hour inflating Homer, burping and catapulting. It's a fairly big game too and can be tricky in places. For those who can't help but die repeatedly, this is a pity achievement for 10 deaths in a row.

2) Soldier of Fortune: Payback -
Stop Hittin' Yourself

Following on from The Simpsons, Soldier of Fortune also offers gamers an incentive for dying... only this time it's when you do it deliberately! Zero points is your trophy should you be willing to kill yourself 50 times on Xbox Live.

1) Kameo: Elements of Power -
(Too many to mention!)

It's an oldie but a goody, Kameo was a launch title for the 360 but is still pretty good even today. It looks nice, plays well and was well received by the critics. It also holds the crown for boasting the greatest quantity of pointless achievements in single title with no less than... wait for it...24!!!

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