Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Achievements: Point-less Gamerscore

They say you don't get something for nothing... but in the world of the seventh generation console, that's not strictly true. And we're not too happy about it.

There's nothing we at Megabits love more than that little gamerscore symbol popping up on screen while we button mash on our 360s - but there's something deeply depressing about getting a zero G (aka pointless) achievement. Not only do they normally acknowledge your failings - that you've died so many times or succumbed to rage quitting - but they also remain on your record for everyone to see. We hate them.

Some are inventive, some rewarding and some are just plain stupid. In fact, there are loads of them - take a look at Xbox360achievements.org to see for yourself.

Here are some of those that we've come across - and sworn at under our breath.

10) Asura's Wrath -

Sure, they're not ALL bad - some zero G achievements are positive and prove you're a pretty good gamer. Take Asura's Wrath, for example. Here you get an achievement worth absolutely nothing for unlocking every other achievement in game. If you played this on the PS3, this would be a Platinum trophy, so congratulations!

9) Gears of War 3 -
Welcome to the Big Leagues

Never played a Gears game before? Really!?! Well, when you first attempt multiplayer this achievo will pop. I kinda like the idea that it's like a "Welcome" achievement to get you focussed before the diehards chop you in half with a chainsaw.

8) Call of Duty: World at War
It’s All about Prestige/Go Get Some Sun

I hate achievements like this that demand you work your behind off. Sometimes, these are best forgotten. It's tough enough to get to Prestige ranking and earn the first of these achievements... but to get to 10th Prestige in multiplayer... ARGHHH. There are some who persist though...

7) FIFA 10 -
Bad Loser
There's nothing worse than Rage Quitters. It sucks when you're half way through a game of FIFA online and you're actually winning... only for the little b#stard you're playing to quit on you. And, just to rub salt into the wound, EA reward him with an achievement for his poor sportsmanship. Shame on you.

6) NHL 2K8 -

Gah, stop quitting games already!