Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Achievements: There's good news... and bad

It’s been a heady week on the achievement front. On a positive note, gaming giant Microsoft has apparently decided to bend its own rules and overhaul its XBLA achievement policy.

From 1 April, it’s throwing the old 200G cap out of the window and raising it to a more impressive 400G. Not only that but it’s also going to increase the maximum number of achievements permitted from 20 to 30.

This isn't only great news to the “score whores” out there (myself included) but it gives developers a bit more leeway to release new downloadable content and increase a game’s longevity. Everyone’s a winner!

The change comes as XBLA titles are becoming more than just a retro revamp. The trend towards more substantial games for your buck really started when Shadow Complex hit the scene back in 2009 and since then, there have been a slew of games that wouldn’t look out of place on a store shelf with a heftier price tag... Just look at the likes of Alan Wake and I Am Alive and you can see how the quality has improved since the early days of Live Arcade.

But while Microsoft gives with one hand, it takes with the other…

With the promise of more gamerscore ringing in our ears, reports started to emerge on the internet that a technical hitch has reset the points tally of some unlucky souls to zero! As a legion of 360 gamers were taking in the news about the prospect of the increased XBLA cap, some unlucky souls saw their entire haul of accolades wiped out in an instant.

The forums were awash with tales of woe from disgruntled gamers and even Megabits' very own Ibwib saw years of hard graft disappear before his very eyes.

Fear not though, for the issue has since been resolved and those affected are urged now to simply sign out and then log back into their profile. Hey presto, the points should be back where they belong. Phew.

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