Thursday, March 01, 2012

Megabits' Pick Of Gaming's Biggest Bad Guys

Some may insist that size doesn't matter but when gaming is concerned, it's of the utmost importance. We've all experienced those jaw-dropping moments when you've dispatched a crowd of footsoldiers only to be confronted by one of the biggest enemies you've ever seen. And boy, is it satisfying when you beat the hell out of them!

Our lists have already considered some of our favourite protagonists, sidekicks and baldies so we thought we'd spare a moment to think of those bad guys... specifically the big, badass ones!

There are plenty to choose from... There's the Riftworm in Gears of War 2, Salazar statue in Resident Evil 4, the mighty Scarabs in the Halo series and King Kong in, um, King Kong. And let's not forget the Plant boss in Bulletstorm, Sentinel in X-men Origins: Wolverine or good old Ugh-Zan III from Serious Sam: The First Encounter.

But they still didn't make our top ten... Here, in all their glory, is our selection of some of our favourite giant villains in video games.

Be warned... there may be BIG spoilers ahead!

10) Large Hector
Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon

The Large Hectors certainly lived up to their name in Earth Defense Force. Forget those pesky spiders and ants... Sure, you had loads of powerful weapons at your disposal but these beasts were a nightmare to kill. Aim for the red bits!

9) Cerberus
Dante's Inferno

Coming face to face with the three-headed hound with huge teeth is certainly a memorable moment in the game. Avoid his attacks and bide your time before chopping off his gruesome heads. Cute little doggy.

8) Metal Gear Rex
Metal Gear Solid
Boasting more guns than you'd care to imagine and with seemingly impenetrable armour, Metal Gear Rex is one mean mutha of a machine. Knock out the radar first and you stand more of a chance!

7) Wyzen
Asura's Wrath

The fattest of the deities starts off as a bit of a lumbering oaf. You think you've defeated him one moment only for him to put on a few pounds and grow bigger than the planet! Asura can only watch as the fat one's podgy finger is thrust through space to crush him on the ground below.

6) Galactus
Marvel vs Capcom 3

This fellow is the final boss in Marvel vs Capcom 3 and puts up quite a fight. He's absolutely huge and will be flicking you with a giant finger one minute, grabbing you the next and then shooting lasers from his eyes. Oh, and he's got a stupid purple helmet.