Friday, March 23, 2012

Megabits' Pick: The Ten Best Skyrim Mods (2)

PC gamers often complain that their games feel less sophisticated these days, as they’ve been developed with consoles in mind. No matter what other gripes they have, there’s one thing PC gamers can’t complain about-the ability to install mods to games like Skyrim.

You’ve seen the first part of our Favourite Skyrim Mods, here’s the best of the rest…

5. Respectful Lydia
Grumpy loners that we are, we tend not to use companions in Fallout or Skyrim, but we were tempted to make an exception for foxy iron-clad Lydia. Until we heard her snide response to our every attempt to hand her some decent armour. This mod replaces her sarcastic remarks with a choice of three somewhat friendlier comments from her dialogue assignment.

4. Categorized Favourites
The ability to add favourites to a hotkeyed list seems handy at first, when all you need do is swap between melee and ranged weapons and grab the occasional health potion. By the midgame, however, you’ll have your favourite soul-trapper, and array of weapons enchanted for different enemies, a list of handy spells and magical potions and useful enchanted items. Eventually, your useful favourites list is as cluttered and useless as your longlists. Categorized Favourites helps you divvy your goodies into categories and sub-categories, and even group sets of items such as armour to be equipped all at once.

3. Enhanced Night Skyrim
One of the joys of Skyrim is looking up at the Aurora Borealis floating above your adventurer, but you can take that a step further with the Enhanced Night mod which replaces the night sky with a high-res astrophotography image, a real starfield.

2. Deadly Dragons
Everyone in Skyrim is scared witless of Dragons, which is funny, as you’ll probably find that Trolls and even Bears are harder to deal with. With the Deadly Dragons mod, you’ll find that Dragons are twice as tough, come equipped with elemental powers, and are resistant to spells and staggering. Unlike the ones in the basic game, these scaley b*stards can kick your Viking arse.

1. Zelda Armour
Skyrim’s the finest adventure of this generation, but the finest adventurer in gaming goes back a lot further than just this gen. The Zelda armour mod lets your character shrug on Link’s distinctive garb. It not only adds some amusing nostalgia value, it actually looks cool in its own right.