Friday, March 23, 2012

Megabits' Pick: The Ten Best Skyrim Mods

Bethesda make some truly brilliant games, the likes of Oblivion, Fallout 3 and Skyrim, games that win GotY awards in their own right, which makes it all the more amazing that people often describe them as vanilla framework to hang mods on.

It’s true though, that Oblivion and Skyrim can both be enhanced in practical or comedic fashion by any number of mods. The less said about Fallout 3’s mods the better. We at Megabits tip our hats to toilers who make the mods, and assembled our list of the best Skyrim mods. Unless we say otherwise, you can find these at Oh, and just so you filthy little monkeys know, we’re not including the skimpy armour/big wobbly arses/naked bodies type mods. Not to worry though, you can find them at Skyrimnexus too, if you’re that way inclined…

10. Dovahkin Hideout
Like a Nordic Donald Trump, you’ll soon have acquired houses all over Skyrim, but even with basic storage and decorating carried out, they don’t feel quite good enough for the famous Dragonborn. Add the Dovahkin Hideout perk, however, and you’ll find each house now has a massive cellar filled with storage trunks, display cases and enchanting tables. Better still, you can travel between all your house using their uber-basement.

9. Better Sorting
By the time you’ve pumped a few ten pointers into your stamina you’ll find that your carrying capacity is getting pretty hefty. Sadly, that can just mean difficulty sorting through your inventory. Better sorting makes a very small but incredibly helpful difference to your inventory: Arrow-Daedric, Arrow-Dwemer, Arrow-Elven.

8. Quality World Map
Skyrim’s map is pretty, what with its rolling hills and drifting clouds, but it’s definitely a case of style over substance. It’s a pain to use, with routes hard to see and its few visual reference points wafted over by clouds. The Quality World Map mod not only allows you to highlight all or just the major roads, but it also gives you a choice of two styles, a highly textured ordinary version, or an old school parchment style map similar to that found in Oblivion. Both are better looking and easier to use than the original.

7. Glowing Ore Veins
Something of a Ronseal mod, glowing ore veins is a godsend for players early in the game, who’ll still need to do regular mining and smelting to get their smithing up and their armour improved. The existing ore textures don’t draw much attention to themselves, but this mod will have you digging up what you need in no time.

6. Sky UI
One of the most popular mods available, SkyUI adds item icons, slims down text, chops word counts and generally does everything it can to make Skyrim’s user interface a little friendlier to mouse users. Ok, its not the most exciting mod ever, but it might well be the most useful.

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