Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ten Characters You’d Probably Forgotten 2

We all have fond memories of games of old - the magical worlds, great storylines and nicely fleshed out characters. But how many great characters from yesteryear have been largely forgotten?

Here is Megabits' pick of the top five...(see 10-6 after the jump)

5. Pit (Kid Icarus)
The tiny cherub-like character of Pit is surprisingly badass in Kid Icarus, taking on his foes with little more than a pair of wings and a bow. Rolling both role-playing and action into one, the game gave gamers many happy hours of challenges, as the minute winged one blasted his way through the Underworld, the Surface world and the Sky world. Although nobody remembers him, he deserves his place in many gamers’ rose-tinted memories. He'll soon be revived in Kid Icarus: Uprising for the 3DS!

4. Conrad B. Hart (Flashback)
Flashback was rock hard. I remember it being controller-throwingly tricky as a kid, and I now know the iTouch version is just as damn annoying! That said, Conrad B. Hart makes for a great gaming hero. Conrad, an intergalactic detective, finds himself on the wrong end of an alien plot to destroy the Earth and dominate the galaxy. The enemy – the enigmatic ‘Morphs’ - are right on his heels from the off, threatening to erase his memory, so Conrad does what any self-respecting agent would do – backs up his memory and leaves himself clues to help save the galaxy. He could have just shot them, but hey...

3. Toejam and Earl
Alien rappers Toejam and Earl were once Sega’s second mascots, after the speedy blue one himself, but they found themselves curiously confined to the bin of nostalgia after the 90s.
This is a shame, as the pair were comedic and fun to play, fighting their way across the game’s many floating islands with little more than their wits to see them through.
Although, if I were the Sony CEO, I would of gone with Sonic too...2. Earthworm Jim
Now here’s a hero you’ve forgotten about for sure, although that might be more to do with the 90s TV show – and it’s addictive bloody theme tune! Jim is a reluctant hero, but he manages to pull off his rescues using all the powers of the ‘Super Suit’ which falls atop him from orbit. His many foes, including Psy-Crow and Professor Monkey for a Head do their level best to stop him, but Jim fights them all off with his trademark style – even the schemes of Evil the Cat and Queen Slug for a Butt. Jim, in this depressing age of Call of Duty, we need you.

1. Dizzy
Dizzy, an anthropomorphic egg, holds the title of my earliest gaming memory – and of my earliest gaming ragequit. Who’d of thought a game which is apparently cute and cuddly masked such a fiendish puzzler (at least for a five-year-old’s hand/eye coordination!). There may have been an iPad remake out recently, but Dizzy's last proper outing was in 1992, wearing a fedora and imagining himself some sort of egg Indiana Jones. Can’t make a legendary gaming system without breaking a few eggs, now can you...

Honourable mentions:

Fargus (Pandamonium)
Horace (Hungry Horace)
Chuck Rock
Wex Major (Wild 9)
Kurt Hectic (MDK)
Slater (G-Police)
Councillor (Fury3)



No Commander Keen? I'd say he's more forgotten than Jak and Daxter or even Crash Bandicoot, because at least they've had games in the last 10 years or so.