Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Ten Ways The World Will End (Part Two)

We’re counting down the ways the world will end, and we’ve come across some that are so interesting that we’ve not even mentioned Bird Flu yet.

See the first five here.

Rise of the Robots
No, wait, we don’t mean the shit beat-em-up of yesteryear. We’re thinking of those times when humanity outsmarts itself and builds soldiers that keep fighting long after wars should have stopped. Terminator Salvation may be little more than a shortcut to easy Gamerscore, but check out Enslaved: Journey to the West for a cracking battle with rogue robots.

Ambivalent Apocalypse
We don’t know what brought about the end of the world in I Am Alive, but bloody hell it made a mess. The sunlight is harsh and bright as if the atmosphere is damaged, the land is grey and dusty as if covered in ash, and did you see the size of those holes in the ground? The very Earth has rent itself asunder. The whole place is trashed and we’ve no idea what caused it. Suddenly I know how my parents used to feel when they left teenaged me in charge of the house for weekend. I’m expecting I Am Alive to conclude with the discovery of a pile of Whiskey sick and a mystery bra.

Alien Invasion
Whether it’s Dr Breen’s false reassurance that everything is going to be ok or the creepy Chimera mutations unleashed by the invading spheres, aliens in video games are bad news. They have been ever since Space Invaders, but now the likes of Half Life 2 and the Resistance series give us a glimpse of human existence being ineradicably altered by alien life.

Biblical Apocalypse
No cooler a personage than Harvey Keitel will tell you, you don’t f*ck with the infinite. But what happens if you do? What happens if you unleash the forces of heaven and hell? Well, if Darksiders is anything to go by, you get a thoroughly enjoyable is ridiculously over designed God of War clone. If Hellgate: London is anything to go by, you get a bunch of badly written posters and some awful reviews. Either way, the world gets messy when celestial powers collide.

To an entire generation who should never have been allowed to watch Threads, there is only one way the world will end, a way that haunts nightmares and looms dangerously close whenever the news is on. In Star Ocean: The Last Hope, nuclear war ushers in an era of incredible cinematics, crazy character names and Japanese chicks in hotpants. In Fallout 3 it exposes the very worst traits of humanity and leaves us all enslaving and slaughtering each other for food and medicine in a rubble strewn world full of toxic puddles, mutated beasties and lingering painful death. I don’t care though, I’ve got me some sweet power armour and sizeable stockpile of roach meat.