Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Ten Ways The World Will End

It sounds strange to say you have a favourite fictional catastrophe, let alone more than one, but we at Megabits could list you dozens of doomsdays that have either touched our hearts or simply itched our trigger fingers. Here are a few of our favourites….

Asteroid Impact
Check out the opening sequence of Rage and you’ll see the world end in a surprisingly moving fashion. The actual post-apocalyptic gameplay might be built around monster trucks, boomerang murder and funny accents, but the opening sequence of Earth saying its goodbyes as a monsterous chunk of iron and rock makes its silent, implacable approach is both chilling and a clear sign that the game will take place in a world unlike any you would recognise.

When there's no more room in hell...
From Dead Island to Left 4 Dead to Dead Rising and the impending adaptation of The Walking Dead, everyone seem to think they’re practiced and ready for the attack of the flesh eating ghouls,but one look at the panicked slogans daubed on the saferoom walls of Left 4Dead remind you that there’s actually no such thing as a cosy catastrophe.

Environmental Catastrophe
Have you seen the queues at the petrol station right now? It’s hard not to be reminded of games in which fuel is a desperately scarce commodity such as …er… Fuel. 2009’s epic off road racing game featured a huge map, a variety of vehicles and a planet dessicated by global warming and ravaged by sandstorms and freak winds. And surprisingly short days. We’re not quite sure how global warming sped up our orbit, but still, it’s the end of the world-you can tell because everyone's attached spikes to their cars.

War...what is it good for?

Ok, Call of Duty Modern Warfare might not explicitly refer to an apocalypse, but try kidding yourself it isn’t happening. A nuke in the Middle East, several Nukes in the US and a disruptive invasion of Europe are hardly the precursor to a conciliatory tea party at the UN. There’s no coming back from the irradiation of the world’s oilfields and the inevitable collapse that stems from slaughtering the participants of the world’s largest economy. That’s it, show's over. Makes you wonder why you bothered chasing Makarov really, doesn’t it?

Think It To Death
That might not sound scary, but that's essentially what Alma does in FEAR. One stray thought from Armacham's psychic broodmare and all of a sudden buildings topple, people turn inside out, and gameplay slowly deteriorates over the course of two sequels. Ok, that last complaint has very little to do with the apocalypse, but it left us almost as doomladen as the in-game destruction.

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