Saturday, April 07, 2012

Megabits' Pick Of Next Gen Rumours (2)

The rumour mill's been working hard of late, with web sites awash with stories about what the next generation consoles will have to offer. Here, we continue our list of our pick of the ten most intriguing next gen rumours.

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5) Wii U less powerful than PS3 and 360
Yup, you read that right! It's not even released yet but already there are reports that it won't match up to the power of even this generation's consoles. Bit of a disappointment, but when you're including an expensive-looking tablet controller, guess you've got to make some allowances!
Source: Gamingbolt

4) PS Orbis specs emerge
Possible specs for the new PlayStation have started to filter through in the past few days. MCV says: "...the console will use custom chips based on AMD’s A8-3850 CPU and Radeon’s HD 7670 GPU – a rebranded version of the HD 6670 rumoured to be at the heart of the Next Xbox". This isn't even a powerful card in PC terms...
Source: MCV, CVG

3) Xbox will be "like two PCs taped together"
Power seems to be the name of the game with the upcoming launches - both Sony and Microsoft drawing their controllers and battling it out at dawn to see who comes out on top. Apparently, sources suggest the new machine will be like two PCs taped together - and there could even be Kinect integrated in the console too.
Source: VG247

2) Always on internet to combat piracy
This one's not going down too well with gamers - especially those already up in arms about DRM. Apparently, both the Xbox and PS4 will require you to be connected to the internet to play your games. Whether this will need a permanent connection or only be necessary when first authenticating the game remains to be seen. Still, I know loads of people who never use PSN or Live and stay offline permanently... this could certainly stir up some controversy! What of those without the internet (there are some out there)? And as the Time article below says, what if you lose your connection mid-game???
Source: Time

1) Second hand games are doomed
There's plenty of conjecture that the next generation will focus on digital distribution and this in itself could sound the death knell for physical discs. What's more, the need to be always online (see number 2), and possible lack of a disc drive at all (see number 8) mean that heading down to the local store to pick up a second hand game may be a thing of the past; publishers don't benefit when we buy a used game. Online passes are already prevelant and many developers are penalising those of us to get hold of second hand copies already... By the sounds of it, it won't just be Microsoft stretching its muscles and spoiling our fun but Sony could get in on the act too.

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