Saturday, April 07, 2012

Megabits' Pick Of Next Gen Rumours

Who would have thought that the seventh generation of consoles - the PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii - would still be going strong all these years after their respective launches? I reckon that even Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo are amazed at the successes of the past few years and the tens of millions of consoles that have flown off the shelves.

Still, this doesn't stop them from making plans for new hardware does it? And things are certainly hotting up; the Web has been awash with rumours and speculation lately - from the exciting to the infuriating. Take a look at our list of these 10 rumours to see why...

10) Sony's PS4 to launch before new Xbox
Keen to not be left behind like they were initially this generation, Sony wants to get a headstart on its main rival by launching its shiny new console first. At least, that's what a report from VG247 would have us believe. It makes sense too as being the first to market would really boost sales - us gamers are gagging for a new machine afterall! You'll still have to wait until 2013 though...
Source: VG247.

9) Wii U launching on November 18th?

...unless you want to buy a Nintendo's Wii U! There are suggestions that the Wii U will hit the high street in mid-November this year, just in time for Christmas.
Source: CVG

8) Blu-ray all the way for the 720
Despite earlier reports to the contrary, the new Xbox will in fact have a disc drive - and what's more, it will apparently be one of those funky Blu-ray ones just like those Sony peeps already use.
Source: Kotaku

7) PS4 called "Orbis", not backwards compatible
According to Kotaku, the possible codename for the system is Orbis - meaning circle or ring. Let's not hope it echoes the 360's red ring of death! Beyond the cryptic name, however, there are also suggestions that there won't be any backwards complatibility. So what do you do with that huge library of games you've been collecting these past few years!?!?
Source: Kotaku

6) Xbox 720 codenamed "Durango"
Just like Sony's Orbis, the Xbox 720 is said to have an equally daft sounding nickname too... Yup, Durango. Not only does this represent one of the most anticipated hardware developments for years but it's also the name of a state in north Mexico. We even looked it up for you at Wikipedia.
Source: Kotaku

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