Thursday, April 19, 2012

Megabits' Pick of zombie games

Zombies are big business in gaming right now; it's like a pandemic with the shuffling hordes seemingly taking over every title. Even the likes of Call of Duty and Red Dead Redemption have succumbed to the craze, with zombie-based missions, map packs and DLC.

And the reason for the undead taking over the world? It's simple really - it's damn satisfying blasting the limbs off a flesh eater without a modicum of guilt.

Here we pick our ten favourite zombie games from the past decade...

10) All Zombies Must Die (2011)
Another twin stick shooter makes it on to our list, and offers some multiplayer hijinks. All Zombies Must Die, with its cartoony graphics and over the top action became a little samey after a while but as we said in our review... "Treat it like a casual game for short, beery bursts with your mates, however, and it will keep you entertained". The recent follow up, Scorepocalypse, proved fun too (reviewed here) - but was tough as hell.

9) Dead Island (2011)
It promised so much - a kind of large scale Left 4 Dead, with co-op players and loads of infected wandering about a luxury beach resort. Granted it didn't quite match our expectations but it was still a cracking zombie game. We said in our review that it "plays like a cross between Dead Rising, Left 4 Dead and Fallout 3 – on steroids"

8) Plants Vs Zombies (2009)
This awesome tower defense game has become one of the most downloaded iOS titles, and was an equally huge hit on PSN, XBLA, PC and just about every other system you can imagine. PopCap Games certainly know a thing or two about making games that keep you hooked, eh? Keep those pesky zombies at bay using... plants! A unique idea that's really quite fun to play.

7) I Made A Game With Zombies In It! (2009)
This just goes to prove that Indie games on XBLA can a) be bags of fun, and b) make the guys behind it loads of money! And it only cost 80 Microsoft Points! This proved to be one of the most popular Indie games on the 360 in 2009. This shooter for up to four players was firmly tongue in cheek and praised for its brilliant - albeit irritating - theme tune.

6) Dead Rising series (2006-2011)
The original Dead Rising was one of the reasons I bought a 360 in the first place. Effectively capturing George A Romero's 1978 movie classic Dawn of the Dead in game form and putting me in the middle of that shopping mall, surrounded by zombies and with all kinds of cool tools and weapons at hand was inspired! The sequel left the mall but meant a new setting and new weapons - and was a decent follow up.