Thursday, April 12, 2012

Megabits' Pick: Ten Sweetest Rides Part Two

There are plenty of lists of the craziest vehicle in games, but we at Megabits thought it was time for a list of the most enjoyable: these aren’t the super-speedy beasts from the likes of Forza and Gran Turismo, these are the runners and riders that appeared in non-driving games and handled in ways that enhanced the whole experience. Part one is here. Our only caveat was that they had to be vehicles you drive yourself-Saints Row 2s slurry wagons were fun, but we want to be at the wheel.

5. Comet
Grand Theft Auto IV

There are more exotic cars in GTA IV, and significantly faster ones as well, but nothing matches the Comets blend of monstrous acceleration, high top speed and sure-footed controllability. If you’re planning to show off then the Infernus or Yusuf’s Super Drop Diamond are for you, but if you want to win races, it’s gotta be the Comet.

4. Horse

Ah, Gun. Like a less polished, more enjoyable version of Red Dead Redemption from an earlier age. What a great game, and what a funny approach to equestrianism-the look like galloping horses, they sound like galloping horses, but they have a nitrous style speed boost and they steer like motorbikes, a factor that makes even cow-herding fun.

3. The Deuce
Brutal Legend

Brutal Legend’s strange mix of adventure and RTS elements may have had its detractors, but the games uber-customisable hot-rod, The Deuce, draws no criticism from us whatsoever. Hanging out with Ozzy and adding performance and weaponry enhancements is amusing, racing is fun, but turning on the stereo and discovering the likes of Motorhead, Anthrax, Budgie and Judas Priest? That’s just awesome. Throw up the horns and pretend it’s the early-eighties.

2. Pell Silverbolt 6
Just Cause 2

In a game devoted to spectacular vehicles and spectacular mayhem, the Pell Silverbolt provides the purest distillation of both. Tiny, agile and just about the fastest thing in the game, the Silverbolt is a joy to play with, but it’s also the most fragile and apparently the most flammable. It’s like flying a rocket made out of styrofoam and napalm, so every landing is squeaky bum time.

1. Monkey’s Cloud

When I was a kid, thanks to 2000AD, all I wanted was a flying surfboard. Science has chosen to disappoint me by concentrating on vaccine’s and windfarms and stuff like that, but Enslaved gave me the next best thing-a flying skateboard or ‘cloud’. Nippy, whippy and agile, we’d happily have spent the whole game on this thing. Might have made the minefields a bit tricky though.