Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Scourge of Odd-Numbered Gamerscore

There's no doubting that Gamerscore has been a phenomenal success for this generation of consoles. Microsoft's scoring system has proven to be an addictive mechanism that has incentivised gamers to keep playing even when a game is completed. So much was its success, that Sony even got into the act with the belated introduction of Trophies.

Achievements are certainly addictive and, for some, a badge of honour to wave in the face of rivals or announce your skills to the community. It's resulted in "Score Whores" like myself revisiting old games to mop up the low hanging fruit, and spend an unhealthy number of hours trying to get those elusive endurance-base accolades.

But if there's one thing we hate more than anything else, it's those odd-numbered achievements that mess up your score. Obviously, I'm not griping about those in multiples of 5G or even those annoying OG achievos... I'm talking about the likes of the 1G or 7G badges that punctuate my games list. For the more obsessive compulsive among us, it's agony!

I personally came across more of them again last week when reviewing Capcom's Digital Collection. Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix and Wolf of the Battlefield Commando 3 were the culprits this time round!

But there are plenty of others out there. Whether they've been introduced by some developers to encourage completion - perhaps a two-part challenge, where 1G is awarded for passing the first challenge and a balance of 9G for the second - or simply to irritate us, there's no avoiding them.

Megabits decided to take a look at the scourge of the Score Whore and pick some of those our team has stumbled across...

5) Borderlands
Part of the Zombie Island DLC, there are two achievements of note. Night of the Living Ned is awarded for killing Ned... a miserly 1G, although kill him again (Ned's Undead Baby) and you get a much healthier 49G - rounding it up nicely!

4) Halo Reach
Damn Noble Map Pack... not only is there an uneven achievement in there but you have to pay for the priviledge! Blow up the research centre in Breakpoint and you'll be awarded 13G.

3) FIFA 09
Last Gasp Goal (19G) was among the first of these damn achievements I uncovered - for scoring a goal in the 89th minute. Problem is, the 1G I needed to make this a nice even 20G could only be unlocked by playing for 50 hours... and I think I'd moved on to the next year's version before that happened!

2) Forza Motorsport 2
Collecting cars from various countries nets you a solitary point... Weirdly, while Spain, France and Korea get you a miserly 1G, Sweden is 2G, UK is 5G, Italy 10G, Germany 15G and all the US ones gets you a handsome 25G. Cramming your garage full of Japanese vehicles accrures a mammoth 30G!

1) Ridge Racer 6
Good old Reiko - the name adopted by one of our very own contributors - puts her name to a few achievements in Ridge Racer 6 that award you with a very irritating 7G. There are five in total, each given to you if you complete certain stages with a car won online.

Recognize any of these - or come across equally annoying gamerscore? Let us know in the comments below...