Thursday, May 03, 2012

Megabits' Pick of Gaming's DIY Tools Part 2

A week of real life DIY looms large, a week of drills, saws hammers and bashed thumbs. When it comes to tools, we have to say, we prefer gaming’s versions. Here's the final five of our Top Ten DIY Tools - if you missed the first part, click here.

5. Gravity Hammer
Halo 3 had a better sense of humour than you’d give it credit for. As previous games had been criticised for the overpowered assault rifle and pistol, you might have expected Bungie to strive for better weapon balance. Instead, they gave us the Gravity Hammer, the ultimate argument settler. Ever wondered what it would feel like to be a Boss rather than a player character? Pick up the Grav Hammer to find out: you’ll be scoring one-hit kills so easily you’ll become quite offhand about it. Till you run out of juice...

4. Super Sledge
You’ll most likely encounter the Super Sledge when a Super Mutant swings one at your head. In the unlikely event that you survive, you’ll probably want to acquire one for yourself. They may be heavy and slow, but they do serious damage to big opponents without the ammo wastage or backblast of Fallout 3’s other heavy weapons. On top of that, if you’ve got one, there’s a good chance you have the bragging rights that come from offing those green skinned behemoths.

3. Crowbar
Perhaps the most iconic tool in gaming, Gordon Freeman’s black and red crowbar is like old faithful. It never lets you down, never runs out of ammo, and occasionally gets you through Half Life 2’s boarded up doors too. It’s not much use against Striders, mind you.

2. The Shattermaster
Red Faction Guerrilla combined an enormous playground of buildings with a great assortment of tools with which to destroy them, but perhaps the purist expression of the game’s demolishing tendencies comes when you take a Shattermaster (or Stonebreaker, or Ostrich Hammer) to a Police Station. Great physics, inexplicably weak construction materials, and a hammer. That spells fun.

1. Rivet Gun
You know, I’ve done a little bit of riveting in my time, and nothing that popped from my orange-handled rivet gun included a tripwire, or a proximity mine, or an auto-cannon. As a result, I’m inclined to think that Bioshock 2 somewhat stretches the definition of a rivet gun. But who cares? When hordes of Splicers close in on you and your Little Sister, you won’t debate the provenance of trap rivets, you’ll just be glad of them.